About Us !

Car Price & Road Safety.

What We Do ?

About Us page is about our talented team members. Our talented team bring information, news, reviews and latest updates of new car price for Auto News Eye visitors. So that they can make better decision for buying perfect car or SUVs for them. We also update you about road safety to make your journey safe.

Meet Our Team

In Short, we are a transparent and experienced professional team to update you about new car price and road safety.


Q S Ranjha


After working for several years in the Auto sector, I decided to set a platform to promote awareness of road safety.


Saba Amani

Marketing Director

Before devoting his work to Auto News Eye, Saba served as Chief Marketing Officer at top branding organizations.


George Leo

Sales Associate

George Leo opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done.

Jack Harry

Content Manager

He is a best-selling author, social media, and content marketing keynote speaker.

Cairo Saleh

SEO Associate

I am extremely good at one thing and that is making small to large companies rank for their target keyword