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What is a Freeway – How to define it

Do you know, what is a freeway and how to define a freeway? In very simple words, we can define what is a freeway as,

A freeway is a controlled-access roadway for public use to to travel high speed vehicular traffic without any stop or cross traffic.

This roadway serve the purpose of long-distance travel by avoiding local traffic congestion. Normally freeway is a fast and safe way to reach your destination.

However, you can also say that what is a freeway means:

A subset of highway, especially one which does not have access other than at access points.

It is always a traffic signal-free roadway and also free of intersection from other roads and railway lines. This roadway is designed to carry huge traffic at high speed with the lowest possible accident numbers.


A lot of underpasses and overpasses are built on the freeway for smooth traffic flow. As the basic purpose of the freeway is that the traffic can move freely without any stop for cross traffic.

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Why do they call it a freeway?

People call it a freeway because it is free of tolls, traffic signals, intersecting roads, and railway lines. So, vehicles on this roadway can move freely from local traffic, cross traffic or any stop. In short, all across roads go over by overpass or under this roadway by an underpass.

In other words, it is a roadway that is only for long-distance travel, not for local travel. Therefore local traffic has no access to the freeways.

Other words for Freeway.

In different countries, people use different words for controlled access roadway. Remember, all freeways are also highways (all highways are not freeways). Therefore, the most common word people use for this type of roadway is a controlled-access highway.People also use the term expressway for freeways in some parts of the United States, Canada and India.

The word motorway is also common for this type of roadway in the United Kingdom, Ireland and most parts of Europe. Similarly, the words limited-access highway, through-way, and parkway are common terms for this type of roadway. In Germany, the term Autobahn is a common word for this type of controlled-access highway.


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