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Toyota Corolla Cross SUV

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 Price

Corolla Cross 2021 Price

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 Price will play an important role in the success of this new addition. However, Toyota Motor Corporation revealed the Corolla Cross just a few months after revealing Yaris Cross.

It is launched in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, and Myanmar markets. The new SUV will be available in other markets including the USA, Australia, India, and Pakistan very soon.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 Price in Thailand            

In Thailand, Toyota Corolla Cross Price is announced by Company and it seems a little expensive due to its hybrid technology as compared to its competitors. However, Toyota Thailand has launched four variants of the corolla cross in Thailand.

1.8 Sport (gasoline engine)989,000 THB
Hybrid Smart1,019,000 THB
Hybrid Premium1,089,000 THB
Hybrid Premium Safety1,199,000 THB

Toyota Corolla cross 2021 price in Philippines

Toyota Corolla price starts from 1.28 million Philippine pesos for the gasoline model. But the hybrid models will cost more and goes to 1.65 Philippine pesos for high spec variants.

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Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 Price in Brunei

In Brunei, Toyota has announced the price of Toyota Cross for the base variant which is around B$ 41,396. But the price will be higher for high spec variants of this new SUV.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 Price in USA

Hence, the expected Corolla Cross 2021 price in the USA for the base model will start from 31,550 USD. Similarly, the price of Hybrid Smart, Hybrid Premium, and Hybrid Premium Safety will be around 32,555 USD, 34,790 USD, and 35,750 USD respectively.

Price in India

Toyota Cross price in India is not announced by the company because it is still not launched in the Indian market yet.

The big bold look and decent performance of this new SUV will impress the people but the price of this new SUV will be the main factor in the success of the vehicle in the Indian market.

Thus, the expected price of the vehicle in India will be around 24 lakh India rupees for the base model. However, the price will increase for the top model of the new SUV.

Price in Pakistan

According to the sources, the Corolla Cross price in Pakistan for an entry-level will be around 7,500,000 PKR. However, the price may increase in the hybrid category.

Similarly, the price for Hybrid Smart, Hybrid Premium, and Hybrid Premium Safety will be 8,100,000 PKR, 8,250,000 PKR, and 8,600,000 PKR respectively.

Toyota Corolla dominates the auto market of Pakistan for the last thirty years. But now Corolla Cross has to compete with KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. Hence, the price of the vehicle will play a major role in this race.


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