2021 Toyota Corolla Price

2021 Toyota Corolla price varies according to the different models of the vehicle. The Toyota Corolla 2020 lineup is available in the following trim levels. These are L, LE, LE Hybrid, SE, SE Nightshade Edition, SE Apex Edition, XLE, XSE, and XSE Apex Edition.

The L, LE, and XLE trims are available in a 1.8L four-cylinder engine and CVT transmission. Whereas SE and XSE trims are available in 2.0 L inline four-cylinder engine and a choice of CVT or six-speed manual transmission.

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Toyota Corolla Price in the USA

There is only an $800 increase in the 2020 Toyota Corolla price than the base price of the previous year’s model. The base trim of the 2020 Toyota Corolla sedan starts at $20,430.

Toyota Corolla 2021

As a result, with the increase of $815 more, the 2020 Toyota Corolla LE is pricing $20, 880 now and with an increase of $1,815, the 2020 Toyota Corolla XLE is pricing $24,880 now.

Moreover, the 2020 Toyota Corolla hybrid, SE, and XSE are available with the price tag of $23, 880, $22,880, and $26,380 respectively. While Toyota offers the 2020 Corolla hatchback model which starts at $20,290 and after adding options reaches $23,240.

Price in Canada

Toyota Canada announced the 2020 model price will start at CAD $18,990 for the base model with manual transmission. But the base model with Continuous Variable Transmission is priced at CAD $20,790.

Meanwhile, the other trims LE, LE Upgrade Package, and XLE are pricing at$21,790, $23,790, and $26,990 respectively. While the trims SE( Manual), and SE (CVT) are priced at $22,290 and $23,290 respectively.

However, the higher models, SE Upgrade package (Manual), SE Upgrade package (CVT), XSE, Hybrid and Hybrid Premium Package are pricing at $24,290, $25,290, $28,490, $24,790 and $26,790 (Canadian dollars) respectively.

Price in Dubai

Similarly, the 2020 model price varies according to different models. In Dubai Toyota Corolla is available in 3 engines are a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder, a 1.8-liter 4- cylinder combined with an electric motor, and the new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder with a big increase in horsepower.

Hence, the starting cost of the 2020 Toyota Corolla is AED 71,900 which increases to AED 78,900 for the higher models of the vehicle. While Toyota Corolla hybrid starts at AED 83,900 and after adding options reaches AED 95,900.

Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla’s price in Pakistan is always unstable because of the unstable dollar rate. However, in Pakistan, Toyota Corolla 2020 is available in 3 engines, 4 transmission options, and five trim levels. Xli, GLi, GLi Automatic, Toyota Corolla 1.6, Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8, Toyota Corolla Altis CVT 1.8, Toyota Corolla Altis Grandi 1.8, and Toyota Corolla Altis Grandi 1.8 CVTi are available in Pakistan with a price tag from Rs. 2,519,000 to Rs. 3,899,000.

Toyota Corolla’s new price

If you compare the Toyota Corolla price of 2020 and 2021 models, then you will obviously go to buy a new model. The 2020 Toyota Corolla base model is pricing $19,600 whereas the 2021 Toyota Corolla base model is available at $19,925. Therefore purchaser will like to pay $325 more to buy a new model of this best-selling vehicle.

TrimPrice( Starting)
L trim$19,925
LE trim$20,375
LE Hybrid trim$23,500
SE trim$22,375
SE Nightshade Edition$23,075
SE Apex Edition$25,070
XLE trim$24,325
XSE trim$25,825
XSE Apex Edition$28,210

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