Basic Car Maintenance – You Must Know

Importance of Basic Car Maintenance

Basic car maintenance always affects vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, car life, and most importantly, your safety.

If you expect less fuel consumption and the best mileage from your car, then always take care of car maintenance. Because maintenance of the car is one of the major factors that affect the millage, performance, and life of any car.

Basic car maintenance is also one of the key factors that affect the fuel efficiency of the car. A clean and well-maintained engine of a car runs more efficiently and gives better performance than a dirty engine.

Proper car maintenance is also very important for your safety because ignoring maintenance issues can result in an accident.

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Review Owner’s Manual – Basic Car Maintenance

The Car Owner’s manual is very helpful for basic car maintenance. It keeps useful information and instructions to maintain your car properly.

Therefore, you must review the car owner’s manual to better understand the basic car maintenance procedures. And most importantly, the recommended service schedule.

You‘ll learn the basics of car maintenance by car owner’s manual from different angles. Firstly, how and when to check and change car fluids. Secondly, maintain ideal tire pressure, thirdly, how to decipher warnings, and lastly how to clean car surfaces.

Regular Engine Oil Change – Basic Car Maintenance

A regular engine oil change is the most important part of basic car maintenance. Because engine oil is of course lifeblood of any car.

Check Engine Oil

Lubrication is very important for the engine’s performance when it is performing its operation. It’s the engine oil that provides proper lubrication to all parts of the engine when they are moving.

On the other hand, the engine oil also collects dirt and various other particles as it flows through the engine. Therefore, it not only makes the engine clean but also helps to protect it from any damage.

That is why it’s very important to change the engine oil and filter after the recommended time. Because it will keep your vehicle engine clean and efficient by getting dirt and other harmful particles out of the engine and making its life longer.

It is a known fact that dirty engine oil produces friction while clean oil reduces friction. Clean oil allows engine components to run properly with the best possible gas mileage.

Regular Air Filter Change

The air filter is another key component of basic car maintenance. The air filter is responsible to keep a car engine clean by preventing dust, insects, leaves, and grime to enter the car’s air intake grill.

Therefore, an air filter keeps the engine of a car clean and a clean engine runs more efficiently than a dirty engine.

Engines burn a mixture of fuel and air, in a suitable quantity, to produce power; therefore, the air filter is relatively inexpensive but a key element in the combustion process.

The air used during the combustion process must be filtered to keep an engine clean. A car’s engine can only get clean air to maintain its performance if the air filters will be clean.

Check Tires Monthly filter

Checking tires is extremely important for basic car maintenance. Because the bad condition of tires can affect the efficiency of the car and your safety as well.

Check the pressure in your car’s tires at least monthly, and before driving on the highway or carrying an extra load. Well-maintained tires are very important for a smooth ride and most importantly, for road safety.


The ideal time to check the tire pressure is when the tires are cold. Because after driving a few miles tires become hot and will not show you accurate tire pressure.

For basic car maintenance, there are a few signs that need your attention to inspect the tires of your car properly.

If your car does not grip the road well in rainy weather conditions as it does in normal conditions.
When your car takes longer to stop after applying brakes.
If the tread is worn below the minimum legal limit of 1.6 mm.

Replace windshield wipers for Better Visibility

For better visibility, and safety, and also for proper basic car maintenance, you should change the wiper blades of your car every 6-12 months depending upon the weather conditions you drive.


If you live in dry hot or extremely cold weather, both cause the rubber blades to crack or warp. So, whenever you see any wear or damage to the blades, change them immediately.

Check the Brakes and Brake Fluid Regularly

Keeping an eye on the braking system of the car is an essential part of basic car maintenance. According to a study held by Transport Canada, 83% of respondents agreed that brake failure could result in a vehicle accident.

Therefore, to avoid an accident and potential tragedy, the braking system of the car should be well maintained.

There are a few warning signs which show that your car brake system needs your attention.

  • When the brake pads are thin
  • If you hear abnormal noise while braking
  • When you feel that the car is pulling to one side
  • When you feel brake paddle vibrations while driving

According to a study, 40% of vehicle users agreed that brake failure is the cause of less brake fluid.

Therefore, it is equally very important to check the quantity and condition of the brake oil. So that brake oil can perform its primary function to run the brake system smoothly.