What does this sign mean?

What does this road sign mean? is a regularly asked question about road signs in all driving tests. If you are also trying to get a learner’s permit and don’t have enough knowledge about road signs to pass your driving test. Then you are in right place to learn about all road signs which can confuse you in your driving test.

Road signs are especially important when you are driving. These warn you about road changes, and possible hazards and inform you of the speed limits when you are driving. Therefore, road signs are an important part of the Dmv written test. Hence, we have listed here all the confusing road signs, you need to learn to pass your permit test.

What does this road sign mean on an Expressway?

What does these signs mean in road signs language?

We have created below a free, very simple, and perfect road signs practice test without any registration. Every question is taken from the official DMV Driver’s Handbook to make your DMV road sign test preparation perfect.