Merging Traffic Sign: What does a lane merge sign mean?

A merging traffic sign is an example of a warning road sign. A merging traffic sign warns you that two or more streams of traffic traveling in the same direction from different roadways are going to merge into one stream or lane ahead. This also means making room for merging traffic.

This lane merging traffic sign indicates which is the merging lane and which the main lane is. However, the driver’s approach to the merging traffic sign intersection, entering from the right lane should yield to traffic on the main roadway. While driving on the main highway or freeway, if you see a merging traffic sign you should move to another lane or make room for merging traffic.

What does a Merge Traffic Sign look like?

This right lane merge sign is a diamond-shaped sign with yellow background and a black arrow in the middle. This sign is located before an intersection where two separate roads merge into one road. These lane merging intersections are designed to improve and maintain traffic flow and road safety.


What is the correct way to merge into traffic?

Always turn on the signal and identify enough space or gap, where you can merge your vehicle. Adjust the speed of your vehicle to match the speed of other vehicles on the roadway until you reach your selected gap.

Frequently asked questions in the Dmv test about lane merging traffic signs.

A merging traffic sign is an example of a _____ sign.

  • a. Regulatory
  •  b. Warning
  •  c. Guide

On the freeway, you see a merging traffic sign. You should

  • a. Drive slowly
  • b. Speed up to avoid congesting traffic.
  • c. Move to another lane, if safe, to make room for merging traffic.

Is merging traffic signs regulatory?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No                                                                                                                                    

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