Merging Traffic Sign | What does a yellow lane merge sign mean?

Discover the Merging Traffic Sign (merge sign), meaning, color, shape, and location to recognize it and drive accordingly for safe driving on the road.

MergeTraffic Sign Meaning

A merging traffic sign is a warning road sign. A merging traffic sign warns you that two streams of traffic traveling in the same direction from different roadways are going to merge into one stream ahead. The merge sign also tells the drivers to make room for merging traffic.

A merging traffic sign warns you that two lanes are merging. This yellow lane merge sign indicates which is the merging lane and which the main lane is. However, the driver’s approach to the merging traffic sign intersection, entering from the right lane should yield to traffic on the main roadway. When you see a merging traffic sign While driving on the main highway or freeway, you’ll need to prepare for the vehicle merging in the right lane. You may move to the left lane or make room for merging traffic. These lane-merging intersections are designed to improve and maintain traffic flow and road safety.

A Merging Traffic sign warns you that:

  • The vehicle on the main roadway may move to the left lane or make room for merging traffic.
  • Merging vehicles must adjust their speed in the slip lane to match the speed of the main roadway traffic flow.
  • Merging vehicles should turn on their left signal to inform their intention.
  • Use your back mirror to see the traffic on the side of your vehicle.
  • Identify enough space or gap to merge safely.
  • Get slightly behind the vehicle you want to merge.
  • Make sure to merge only when there is enough space to do so to merge smoothly.                                  

Frequently asked questions in the Dmv test about yellow right lane merge signs.

  • a) left
  • b) right
  • c) center
  • d) center left
  • Drive slow
  • Drive fast
  • Be prepared for other vehicles blending into your lane.
  • a. Regulatory
  •  b. Warning
  •  c. Guide
  • a. Drive slowly
  • b. Speed up to avoid congested traffic.
  • c. Move to another lane, if safe to make room for merging traffic.
  • a. Yes
  • b. No                                                                                                                                    

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