Weave Area Sign | How to drive in the weave zone?

According to the PA Driver’s Manual, “weave area sign on the road warns the drivers that they are going to merge with another crossroad as some traffic is exiting or crossing their path”.

You can also describe a weave area as a place on a highway where the entrance and exit are close together. And vehicles exiting the highway have to merge with the vehicles that are entering the highway. However, to avoid conflict, the vehicles entering the highway must yield to the vehicles exiting the highway.

Such an area where traffic entering the highway may intersect with the traffic exiting the highway is also known as the weave zone.

The weave zone

The weave zone sign is a warning road sign. Which is installed at such points of highways where two roadways intersect each other at the same level.


The Weave Area Sign

The weave zone sign is located where two roadways intersect each other at the same level.


Warning Road Sign

Yellow and Black Color

The Weave area zone sign driving

While entering the weave area or zone, be careful and slow down your vehicle. Never depend on the other drivers and keep an eye on your surroundings to cross safely. If you are entering the highway then you should yield the right of way to vehicles that are exiting the highway.