A No Parking Sign at a certain location means

What does a no parking sign at a certain location means? In addition, how much time you can park your vehicle at a location where the “no parking” sign applies? It’s a very simple question and there is also no hidden meaning as well. Because it is a sign that loudly says “no parking” means exactly the same and nothing else. Obviously, a no parking sign means no parking.

But still, there are a few misunderstandings in the mind of a few road users. The candidates appearing for the DMV test may also have some confusion in their minds as well. So let’s try to clear it for your knowledge and DMV test practice.

 A “no parking sign” at a certain location means

  • You can’t stop your vehicle there.
  • You can only make a temporary stop there to wait, load, or unload passengers properly.
  • You can park your vehicle there if the driver is sitting behind the steering wheel.

The “No Parking” Sign Means

You can stop your vehicle temporarily to let the people in or out of the vehicle properly. In other words, a no parking sign at a certain location means that you can halt for some time to pick up or drop off and keep moving.

Furthermore, you also need to know the difference between “no parking”, “no standing” and “no stopping” to clear your concept about it.

Meanwhile, about 35 to 40 percent of candidates appearing in the DMV test in 2021 feel difficulty to reply correct the meaning of a no parking sign at a certain location. Therefore, it is a fairly difficult question.


Which of the following is not an example of a no-parking zone?

  • a. On a crosswalk
  • b. On a side street
  • c. In a construction area

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