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What does a no standing sign at a certain location means? In addition, how much time you can park your vehicle at a no standing sign location? In fact, these are frequently asked questions in DMV written tests.

A no standing sign at a certain location means that you can’t stop your vehicle there to wait. In the same vein, you can’t even load or unload goods in your vehicle at a no-standing sign location.

To understand about “no standing sign” properly, you also need to understand the meaning of standing according to traffic laws. Standing means that you stop your vehicle and wait for someone to sit inside. It also means standing your vehicle for loading or unloading goods.

Obviously, there are no hidden meanings for “no standing sign” and the message it conveys is very loud and clear. However, in DMV written test this question may be asked like this.

A “no standing” sign at a certain location means:

  • Never stop your vehicle there.
  • You can stop your vehicle there for five minutes only.
  • Only park your vehicle there if the driver stays behind the wheels
  • You can make a temporary stop there only to pick up and drop off people but can’t halt there. Even if the driver is sitting behind the wheel.

No Standing Sign Meaning

Hence, a no standing sign at a certain location means that you can stand there for a while to let the people in or out of the vehicle properly. But you can’t stand there waiting for someone, even if you are sitting inside the vehicle. You can’t even stand to load or unload goods in your vehicle.

Thus, waiting for someone, and loading or unloading goods are the main differences between a no-stopping sign at a certain location and a no-parking sign. This also confuses most people including the candidates appearing in the DMV  written test.

Can you park at a no-standing sign?

You can not park your vehicle at any no standing sign or no standing zone. Parking regulations permit you to move passengers in or out of the vehicle only.

Meanwhile, about 35 to 40 percent of candidates appearing in the DMV written test in 2021 can’t reply to this question. Therefore, it is fairly a difficult question.

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