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Left Curve Sign, meaning, shape, color & location

As a responsible driver, you must know the left curve sign, meaning, color, shape, and location and drive accordingly for safe driving on the road.



Warning Road Sign

Yellow and Black Color

What does a Left Curve Sign mean?

A left curve sign means that the road will curve in the left direction ahead. Therefore, slow your speed before entering the curve and keep well to the right of your lane. This road sign alerts the drivers to slow down in advance before entering the curve. Make sure to stay well to the right and don‘t pass any vehicle driving through the curve. This sign helps the drivers to slow down their vehicles in advance before entering the curve to avoid any collision.

The left curve traffic sign is accompanied by an advisory speed limit sign for safe and smooth driving through the curve. Always obey the recommended speed limit to avoid any collision driving around the left curve in the road. The left curve sign is also known as slow down for a left curve sign.

Left Curve Sign Shape, Color, and Location

A Left Curve Sign looks diamond-shaped with a black border and a left-curved arrow on a yellow background. This sign is installed before the left curve in the road.

What to do when we see a right curve sign on the road?

While driving when you see a right curve road sign on the road, you should:

  • Slow down your vehicle as you see the left curve road sign.
  • Adjust the speed of your vehicle before entering the curve.
  • Always break your vehicle in a straight line, if necessary.
  • Turn as little as possible inside the curve to avoid skidding.
  • Avoid driving at an excessive speed and overtaking.
  • Keep well to the right of your lane.

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