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Slower Traffic Keep Right sign meaning, color, and shape


Regulatory Road Sign

Vertical Rectangle-Shaped

Black and White Color

The slower traffic keep right sign is a regulatory lane control sign. This sign communicates to the drivers that if you are driving at a slower speed than the normal speed of the traffic on the multilane highway, then you should drive in the right-most lane unless passing. So that the faster traffic on the roadway can easily overtake your vehicle on your left.

Location and Shape

The slower traffic keep right sign looking like a vertical rectangle shape with a black border and letters on a white background. It is located on some multilane highways where heavy, loaded traffic and agriculture traffic move slowly.

Slower traffic keep right sign meaning

It means that if you’re driving slowly, stay in the right lane and allow fast-moving traffic to pass. This sign advises the drivers of heavy trucks, buses, tractors, and other slow-moving vehicles on the multilane highway to drive in the right-most lane. So that the faster traffic on that roadway can overtake their vehicle easily. The purpose of this sign is to reduce the unnecessary lane change on the multilane highway.

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