Which of these is a Y Intersection Road Sign?


Which of these is slow down for a y intersection sign?



Y intersection road sign is a warning traffic sign which warns the drivers that a y-shaped 3-way road intersection is ahead. All roads are of equal size and importance.

In other words, this sign communicates to the drivers that the roadway they are traveling will split into two roadways. You must be prepared to turn left or right through this intersection. The warning road signs warn about the potential hazards and changes in the road.



It is located ahead of the Y-shaped intersection.


Warning Road Sign

Yellow and Black Color

Y Intersection Road Sign meaning

Y intersection road sign means that you are approaching a three-way intersection, where roads are intersecting diagonally.

What does a Y Intersection Sign look like?

The Y intersection sign looks like a diamond shape with yellow background and a black Y in the middle. It is located ahead of the Y-shaped intersection.

What is a Y Intersection?

Y intersection is a three-way intersection, where the roadway is split into two roadways in a y-shape. This intersection may be controlled by traffic signals or it may have stop or yield signs.

What to do on approaching a Y Intersection Sign?

It is very important that you recognize road signs and respond according to the road for safe driving. Whenever you came across a Y intersection road sign while driving, you should use your turn signal and follow the traffic lights or signs at the intersection. Always make sure that your way is clear and yield to the pedestrians crossing the road.