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Which of these is a T Intersection Road Sign?

  • A
  • B
  • C

T intersection road sign is a warning road sign which warns the drivers that the road segment they are traveling is going to end ahead. On the road, you are always moving from the bottom of the sign to the top.

When you see a T intersection road sign while driving then you must slow down and prepare to stop before turning left or right. Usually, at the T intersection, a Yield sign or Stop sign is in place which will remind you to give the right-of-way to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

What does a T Intersection Roa Sign look like?

T intersection road sign looks like a diamond shape with yellow background and a black T in the middle. It is located ahead of the T-shape intersection.


T Intersection Road Sign Meaning

The T intersection sign means that the road segment you are traveling on ends straight ahead. You must slow down your vehicle and prepare to stop before turning in the left or right direction.

What to do on approaching a T Intersection Sign?

When you are approaching a T intersection road sign then you must be prepared for three types of road conditions.

  • If there is traffic signal then you should follow the traffic laws and make sure the road is clear before turning left or right.
  • When there is no traffic light, there will usually be a yield or stop sign. This warns you that you should look for oncoming traffic and pedestrians before making left or right turn.
  • When there is no traffic light, yield or stop sign then you should be even more careful before making your turn. Slow down your vehicle at the intersection and look for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians crossing in your way before making turn.

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