Added Lane Sign | what does added lane sign mean?

Added lane sign warns the drivers that a new lane will be added ahead to the main roadway for entering traffic. But, entering traffic does not need to merge, yield or stop and drivers can continue driving in the newly added lane.

What does the added lane mean? 

This added lane warning road sign means that two roads will converge ahead. But traffic does not need to merge at the point of converging. The added lane may end later at some point when merging is safe for the traffic.

What does an added lane sign look like? 

The added lane sign is a diamond-shaped sign with a yellow background and two black arrow icons in the middle.


The added lane sign is placed before an area where two separate roads come together. It should be visible from both roadways. You may this sign on both roadways.

Added lane Warning Sign Rules

An added lane warning sign rules for the entering traffic are

  • The entering traffic from the added lane does not need to merge at the point where both roads come together.
  • Drivers on the main roadway should not change lanes and avoid driving on the added lane for their safety.
  • Similarly, drivers in the added lane should continue driving their vehicles in this lane.
  • The traffic may merge later when it will be safe before ending in an added lane at some point.

  Which situation is safer? Choose one answer.

  •  a. Merge
  •  b. Lane-added  

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