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Steep Downgrade Sign, meaning, shape, color & location

Discover the Steep Downgrade Sign, meaning, color, shape, and location to recognize it and drive accordingly for road safety.



Warning Road Sign

Yellow and Black Color

Steep Downgrade Sign Meaning

A steep downgrade sign is a warning road sign which alerts the drivers that they are approaching the point where the road is going downhill ahead. The steep downgrade road sign alerts the drivers in advance to reduce the speed of vehicles especially trucks and large vehicles for upcoming changes and potential hazards on the road.

Avoid making U-turns and passing other vehicles on hills if you do not have a clear view, time and space to take these actions. The drivers should use engine braking efficiently to save the brakes. Make sure to yield the right of way to the vehicles going uphill.

What does a Steep Downgrade sign look like?

This sign looks diamond-shaped with black graphics representing a truck downhill on a yellow background. The steep downgrade signs are placed on the roadside before the steep downgrade on the road. So that drivers can reduce the speed of their vehicles before approaching the steep downgrade.

What to do – Important Driving Tips

When you see a steep downgrade road sign while driving, follow the driving tips:

  • Reduce the speed of your vehicle.
  • Forget about mileage and shift to the low gear for better control.
  • Don’t rely just on the brakes of vehicles, use engine braking effectively and save the brakes.
  • Avoid driving at a faster speed.
  • Avoid overtaking other vehicles in the steep downgrade sign area.

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