U Turn Sign

The U turn sign is a warning sign. This sign means that the driver is legally allowed to make a complete turn to go in the opposite direction.

U Turn Sign Meaning

U turn sign means the driver is legally allowed to turn his vehicle around to go back the way he came. But it is very important for you as a driver to know,  when you can make a complete turn:

  • You can make a U-turn across a double yellow line when it is safe and legal.
  • At the intersection, if there is a U-turn only sign or traffic signal and it allows you to make a U-turn.
  • In a residential area, if there is no vehicle approaching you within 200 feet, you can make a U-turn.

What does a U turn sign look like?

This sign looks like a diamond shape with a black arrow and border on a yellow background.

Most frequently asked questions in DMV test about u-turn sign

  • You can’t make a u-turn in a business district.
  • In a business district, you can make a u-turn anywhere.
  • You can make a u-turn only at an intersection in a business district unless a sign allows it.
  • You can’t make a u-turn in a residential area.
  • Only at the intersection, you are allowed to make a U-turn.
  • You are allowed to make a U-turn in a residential area if there are no cars approaching within 200 feet.

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