End of Dual Carriageway Sign

End of dual carriageway sign is a warning traffic sign. It is very important for drivers and also for other road users to know about this dual carriageway traffic sign.

Because this sign communicates to the drivers that the dual carriageway or section of one-way traffic is going to end. Finally, they are approaching a single carriageway road. So, they have to follow the rules and conditions of two-way traffic after leaving dual carriageway.

More importantly, when you see the end of a dual carriageway sign, then always slow down your speed. Because the legal speed limit on a single carriageway is different than on a dual carriageway.

Similarly, driving conditions are also different on both roads. In addition, on a dual carriageway, traffic of both sides is separated by central reservation. which may not present on a single carriageway road.


Therefore, be careful as you see the end of dual carriageway sign. And obey the traffic laws while driving, to avoid any mishap. You may also face this question in your driving test paper. However, in driving test you will face this question in such a way as below. Among the options, you have to tick the right one in your answer.

what sign means the end of a dual carriageway?

Absolutely Not


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