End of Motorway Sign, Meaning, Shape & Location

Discover the End of Motorway Sign, meaning, color, shape, location, and more to recognize it and drive accordingly for safety on the road.

What does this end of motorway Sign mean?

The end of the motorway sign is a blue rectangular sign which informs the drivers that the section of the motorway on which they are traveling and the associated speed limit is ending ahead after the mentioned distance on it. This sign alerts the drivers to be careful and ready to adjust the speed of their vehicle according to the upcoming roadway.

Whenever you see the end of a dual carriageway sign while driving, make sure to adjust the speed of your vehicle according to the upcoming roadway. Because the legal speed limit and driving conditions on other carriageways are different than on a motorway.

This sign is installed on the side of the motorway, a few miles before the end of the motorway section.

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