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No Passing Zone Sign, meaning, shape, and location

Discover the No Passing Zone Sign, meaning, color, shape, and location to recognize it and drive accordingly for safe driving on the road.


Warning Road Sign


Yellow and Black Color

A No Passing Zone Sign is a warning road sign which tells the drivers that you are entering a No Passing Zone area. In the No Passing Zone area, passing the vehicle ahead in your lane and moving in the same direction is prohibited. In other words, overtaking other vehicles is not allowed until you reached the end of the no-passing zone area.

No Passing Zone Sign Shape, Color, and Location

A No Passing Zone Sign looks like a pennant- shaped with a black border and letters on a yellow or orange background. The No Passing Zone Sign is installed in such areas where it is unsafe to overtake the vehicle ahead of you. The sign is always installed on the left side of the road, facing the driver.

Usually, the no-passing zone signs are installed before hills or curves where you can’t see far enough ahead to pass safely. Here are some of the areas where you may find no-passing zone signs.

  • Narrow roads and Hills
  • Two-way highways
  • Near the intersections
  • Before the bridges and tunnels
  • Near the curves in the road
  • Where you do not have enough distance to overtake safely.
  • The area where you cannot see far enough ahead to overtake the vehicle.

No Passing Zone Sign Meaning

The no-passing zone sign means that you are entering a driving zone where you are not allowed to pass/overtake a vehicle in your lane. This sign communicates to the drivers that the road ahead is unsafe. Therefore, drive their vehicle on the right side of the road and do not overtake the other vehicle.

Whenever you see a no-passing zone sign while driving, you should drive your vehicle at a constant speed. Never change lanes and make sure to obey the No Passing Zone Sign and wait for the end of the no passing zone area for overtaking.

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