Acceleration Lane – What is an Acceleration Lane?

An acceleration lane is a speed change lane before merging onto the freeway. This lane allows motorists to adjust the speed of their vehicles according to the speed of the freeway traffic. As motorists drive onto this lane, they must get up to the speed limit to the flow of traffic on the freeway. However, they must yield the right of way to the traffic on the freeway.

What is an Acceleration Lane?

A lane where you usually can accelerate the speed of your vehicle to safely merge onto freeway traffic. It is a connecting road between the freeway and other linking roads. The purpose of this lane is to enable drivers to speed up their vehicles to match the speed flow of the freeway traffic.


Can you stop in the Acceleration Lane?

When entering the freeway, never stop in the acceleration lane because stopping in this lane can cause rear-end collisions. If traffic is too much heavy and there is no space for you to enter the freeway safely. Then, under such circumstances, you can stop in this lane on the freeway.

Acceleration Lane Length

This lane should be long enough to enable a driver to be prepared to accelerate the vehicle to a safe speed close to the flow of freeway traffic. However, if the acceleration lane is short, drivers will need a longer gap to merge into the freeway traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The acceleration lane on freeways is used for ________.

  • a. Slow down the vehicle.
  • b. Speed up the vehicle.
  • c. Stop the vehicle.

Once in the acceleration lane you should: mark all that are correct

  • a. Increase the speed of your vehicle.
  • b. Decrease the speed of your vehicle.
  • c. Look for gaps to safely merge into traffic.

As you enter the de-acceleration lane or the exit ramp, slow down and_____________.

  • a. Stop completely.
  • b. Speed up the vehicle.
  • c. Maintain a safe cushion of space ahead and behind your vehicle.

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